Spider-Man Back in MCU

Written by Samuel Brower

It was announced on Friday, Sep. 27th that Spider-Man will be staying in Disney’s MCU, getting a third Spider-Man solo movie which will be coming out July 16th of 2021, and will be appearing in one more MCU movie that has yet to be announced. Disney and Sony made a new deal in which Disney will receive 25% of the profits from Spider-Man solo movies going forward. Disney will also retain their merchandising rights to the character, and director Jon Watts is in talks to direct the third Spider-Man movie after he directed the last two Spider-Man solo movies. It is still possible that Sony will have actor Tom Holland play Spider-Man in their own spider-verse movies alongside actor Tom Hardy, an actor who played Venom in last year’s “Venom” solo movie which did not include Spider-Man. 

Along with “Venom 2” beginning to film there are also two more Spider-Man characters that will receive their own movies later on, along with a sequel to “Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse” which came out in Dec. of 2018 and has yet to have any information released about it. It is also possible that Tom Hardy’s Venom might appear in the MCU with Holland’s Spider-Man. As for now, Spider-Man is staying in the MCU until an unknown movie comes out, which is presumed to be after the third Spider-Man movie scheduled for release in 2021. After that it is unclear if there will be a new deal between the two companies, or if Sony will take Spider-Man back from Disney’s Marvel cinematic universe.   

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