It: Chapter 2 Review

Written by Lindsey Gietl

“IT: Chapter Two” has taken theaters by a storm. The film has brought in over $185 million all over the world. It is the sequel to the 2017 interpretation of Stephen King’s novel “It.” The sequel had large shoes to fill after the success of the 2017 film, but I think it was successful. The first film focused more on horror and fear, which created a good movie to watch when you want jumpscares and frights. The sequel on the other hand, focused more on the characters and the story rather than the fear factor. While “IT: Chapter Two” had plenty of scares, it was not as focused on horror as its predecessor. The plot of “IT: Chapter Two” went more in depth into the individual characters’ fears and anxieties, which made them more relatable to the viewers. “It” got more into the characters’ heads and why they have those fears. The sequel also gave more depth to the characters’ backgrounds and how they got to the present world the movie takes place in.

The movie overall was a great film. It definitely got the appreciation it deserved. The sequel is much easier to watch than the first if you do not like jumpscares. “IT: Chapter Two” was a perfect wrap to the wonderful world that Stephen King created and it did the Losers Club justice.

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