Area 51 raid

Written by Brooke Thompson

The Area 51 “Raid” took place on September 20th, where people gathered at this specific military base to validate thousands of conspiracy theories spawned in light of the base’s discovery. Area 51 is 83 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, and is completely off-limits to civilians, prompting millions of people to pledge to storm the base. The official name of the base is Nevada Test and Training Range, not Area 51. It is used as an open training range for the United States Air Force. The CIA states that the secret place received its name because of its map designation. 

Many people believe the area is off limits because of suspicious activity that has been occurring near the area. For example, one conspiracy theorist suggests that there was a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico and the remains of the UFO were brought back to Area 51 for testing. The majority of people strongly believe this base is and has been used to study alien aircraft. People even believe the government is using the idea of a testing range to cover up their secret activities.  

After the suspicions exploded, more than two million stated they were going to come to the raid on various social media platforms. The event was titled, “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us,” which quickly spread across the internet. According to the original post made on Facebook by Matty Roberts, the event was supposed to occur from three a.m. to six a.m., but then Roberts soon disavowed the gathering. This was because of the fear that it would develop into another false hysteria like the Fyre Festival. 

Even though the event was disassembled by Roberts, people still showed up at the event. Around fifty in total, which was not was predicted by social media, but still showed that people wanted to take action. It was an experience for those who did not want to raid, but gather instead to talk about their common theories on the subject. Ultimately, the Area 51 Raid turned out to be one big party for those who believe aliens do exist. 

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