MLB postseason

Written by Sidney Harney

If you are sitting at home wondering what fun things you can do next month, do not look far because it is that time of year again. No, it is not time to go to Germany for Oktoberfest, it is time for the Major League Baseball Postseason. Even if you do not watch sports during the summer, the month of October is one of the most exciting months for die-hard fans and casual fans alike.

The first games worth watching are the Wild Card games. For those who do not know, Wild Card games take place with the four teams that do not automatically make the playoffs, but are the next four that would. In the National League Wild Card game the Milwaukee Brewers face off against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park, which is being shown on TBS at 7:08 p.m. CST. In the American League Wild Card Game you can see the Tampa Bay Rays versus the Oakland A’s at the Coliseum in Oakland, which can be viewed at 7:09 p.m. CST on ESPN for those watching on your big screens. The NLWC game will take place on October 1 and the ALWC game will occur the day after. 

On Thursday October 4, the National League Division Series, or NLDS game one will see the Dodgers play the winner of the NLWC game. On the same day you can watch arguably the best team, if you do not ask a Cubs fan, play against the Atlanta Braves. Both these games will be featured on TBS however the times have not yet been posted. The ALDS games kickoff on Friday October 5th. The first game pins the ALWC winner against the extremely talented Houston Astros which will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 or the MLB Network. You can see the Minnesota Twins try to knock the New York Yankees out of championship contention on either Fox Sports 1 or the MLB Network. You may not be able to watch both ALDS games, however you can certainly flip back and forth or queue up one game on your phone. Problem solved!  

These Divisional Series games are best of five and the winners of each series advance, but the losers will still be sitting on the bench watching history be made. With this jam packed, crazy schedule, the month of October has the potential to be the most exciting playoffs in MLB history. Do not worry sports fans, there is plenty of baseball left to watch this playoff season. So where will your team finish?

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