Spirit week: benefit or burden?

Written by Priya Patel

Homecoming is one of the biggest times in a high school year. This is especially true in the midwest, where football is at the forefront of every community. The festivities that take place the week before the homecoming game can be extremely exciting. The spirit week dress up days are taken seriously by most students and even some staff. Every school puts their own unique spin on it and can get really creative. These memories will be some of the fondest moments of a student’s high school career.

Recently, many schools have been going very over the top with these themes. This poses the question: are these weeks too disruptive to the learning environment? I believe that these days are an integral part of a student’s high school experience. These memories are what make high school fun. Without these fun days, students would have no way to boost their morale throughout the school year. Spirit week allows students to get creative and make positive associations with school. It also gives students something to look forward to over the course of the year. If schools were to take these weeks away, I believe school spirit would be a nonexistent concept.

Yes, I do think that spirit days can take time away from the education aspect of high school, but the benefits they present to the emotional well being of the students far outweigh any risks. The atmosphere of pride that fills the halls during spirit week is something that could never be replaced. 

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