Weird things my dog does

People with pets always seem to have funny stories about the weird things they do. I am no different, as I have several stories about what my dog, Sasha, does daily. She is very weird and does certain things I have never seen a dog do before. 

First off, Sasha’s eating habits can be strange to those who do not know her. Sasha likes to smack her lips when she eats, which surprised my family at first, but became normal to us after a while because she does it every single time she eats. She also likes to stand around and beg for food, snorting when she starts to get impatient. It does not stop at only one snort though. She usually does it about three times before she realizes she will not be getting our food. 

Sasha also likes to lick a lot. She only knows how to show love by licking, which is fine, but she could sit there for 20 minutes licking you if you let her. Not only that, but sometimes she stops mid-lick and does not move, with her tongue just sitting on you. She will also sit there and lick people’s bed sheets until they are sopping wet. 

We bought Sasha a dog bed to relax on whenever she wants, but she does not use it for her whole body. She likes to push it around with her head until it is folded and uses it as a pillow the way a human would to fall asleep. She also sleeps in some of the weirdest ways I have ever seen.

Something I have seen that absolutely baffles me is watching Sasha army crawl. Yes, I said army crawl. If your legs are in the way, forcing her to walk around the whole table, she justs lays down and crawl underneath your legs. She also does it sometimes for no reason at all! 

Sasha is such an odd dog, but I love to watch her and see what crazy things she ends up doing just because she can. It can be quite baffling at times but the laughs you get out of it are the best. Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 11.25.12 AM.png

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