Boris Johnson vs. Trump

In May, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation from her position effective as soon as her predecessor was chosen. Her resignation went into effect in June and she has now been replaced by Boris Johnson, a very controversial British figure. Johnson is a conservative politician who has frequently been compared to a Britain Trump, although this nickname is not totally accurate.

One key difference between Johnson and Trump is Johnson’s seemingly effortless charisma. He comes across to most as a loveable mess who likes to build miniature buses and get stuck while ziplining, but there is much more to Johnson than meets the eye. While Trump seemingly has no conception of the impact his casual nonsense has on the United States, Johnson appears to have a general understanding of how acting like a fool can get you exactly what you want.

It is widely believed that Johnson messes up his hair and wears ridiculous clothes to keep up the appearance of a goofy British caricature in an effort to mask his lack of political knowledge. He wants people to be focused on laughing at him so they do not take a close look at his policies or past actions. He seems to understand how to manipulate people in a way Trump could never have the mental capacity to.

Johnson is a terrific liar and was actually fired from his job at The Times because he completely made up quotes to support his beliefs. His former boss even called him “the worst employee we ever had,” which does not bode well for the prime minister of a powerful nation. He does, however, share a series of homophobic and racist remarks with Trump, for example, mocking women wearing hijabs and comparing them to “letterboxes.” 

While it is important to note that Boris Johnson may not be the so-called Britain Trump, he is definitely a figure to be watched and yet another man who should likely not have risen to the position he has. Perhaps in the future, there will be justice for men like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson who feel no remorse for their inexcusable actions.

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