Meet the 2019-2020 staff

The 2019-2020 school year is now in full swing and those of us on staff at The Senator thought it was time to introduce ourselves. We think it will be easier to relate to our news and opinions if you know a few things about us first.


First up we have our senior editors! This year, our staff is led by Molly Harms, Sidney Harney and Emily Hartman. This is Molly’s third year on staff, having started her sophomore year. Her favorite movie is “Jurassic Park,” her favorite president is Jimmy Carter and she loves the television show is “The West Wing.” Sidney and Emily are starting their second year as writers for The Senator. Sidney loves tacos and reading “Harry Potter,” and her neighbor, Anna, is also on staff. Emily loves roller coasters, dogs and dragons and she has nine different piercings!


Our other seniors are Sam Brower, Anna Lamsargis, Paige Oschwald, Priya Patel and Brooke Thompson. This is their first year on staff and they are excited to get started! Sam is a huge science fiction fan, with his favorite movie being “Avengers Endgame,” “Stranger Things” as his favorite T.V. show and “A Trick of Light: Stan Lee’s Alliance’s” as his favorite book. Anna loves Baja Blasts from Taco Bell, she recently added a new puppy named Teddy to her family and she holds a firm belief that everyone should get eight hours of sleep each night. Paige’s favorite musical artists are Glass Animals, Cage the Elephants and Declan McKenna, and her favorite colors are lavender and yellow. Priya writes music and plays the guitar, and she loves drinking black coffee. These are very desirable traits, but not to worry gentlemen, she loves long walks on the beach and is super single. Brooke loves to eat sushi and drink cherry Pepsi, she loves dissecting cases while watching “Criminal Minds” and her favorite animal is the zebra.


We are also very lucky to have five great juniors on staff this year! Lindsey Gietl and Niamh Mahoney are writing on The Senator for their second year and we have three first-year juniors on staff: Mackenzie Devlin, Emily Powers and Lilly Wright. Lindsey will do anything for a taco, she idolizes “Shrek: the Musical” and she wants to live in a swamp with a donkey as her best friend when she grows up. Niamh likes dogs and socialism. Mackenzie’s favorite movie is “The Best of Me,” she adores pandas and her favorite food is french fries. Emily likes Chinese food, she always orders a triple mocha from Starbucks and she enjoys watching “13 Reasons Why.” Lilly also likes Chinese food, her go-to Starbucks order is an iced coffee with cream and caramel drizzle and she enjoys watching “Shameless and Grey’s Anatomy.”


Tune in every week and read articles by your favorite staff members! We post daily on weekdays and sometimes we include a bonus article throughout the week! For more updates, follow us on Twitter @shsthesenator!

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