Senior year hoax

Senior year is stereotyped to be the easiest year of high school; consisting of blow-off classes, no homework and teachers who do not care what the seniors do. People may say senior year is all about being the oldest in the school or running the student section at football games. Contrary to popular belief, this is all false. As a senior myself, I can vouch that the classes are not super easy, teachers still give us homework and they do care whether or not we pay attention in class. 

Several of my senior peers are taking AP, dual-credit, and honors classes. Our schedules do not just consist of three study halls and four hours of P.E. Some examples of the hands-on classes include physics, literature, psychology, biology, calculus and statistics. You might agree that these do not sound like easy courses. In all the classes listed and more, seniors are expected to finish their assignments accurately and on time, take notes and continuously perform well on all exams. The workload has barely decreased from the overbearing amount seen junior year. Because of this, one may ask, what really makes senior year better than freshman, sophomore and junior year? 

 At the beginning of the year, we are all filling out Common Apps or Coalitions and we have to understand that colleges look at what classes we take senior year. Colleges will not be impressed by six electives and one core class. Additionally, if you think you are fine to start getting straight D’s, once you have been accepted into college you are wrong. Colleges can withdraw acceptances just as fast as they give them to you. You not only have to start the year off strong, but you also have to finish strong. 

Finishing the last year of high school comes with its own technical term, senioritis. One may define senioritis as a condition found in high school seniors who no longer have the motivation to complete assignments, but do have the desire to graduate. I know seniors who are already counting down the days until graduation. When senioritis does hit, try your best to ensure your academics are not weakened too much. 

The famous senior year is not cracked-up to be exactly how you thought it was. Seniors get to spend their last year with lots of homework assignments and pressure to finish high school strong. A piece of advice to all you seniors out there: you can do it!

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