Amazon fires

For over a month, the Amazon has been burning. Although the Amazon is normally a wet place, the dry season started in July and has continued through August and into September. Fires are mostly used to clear out land for farming or ranching so most of the fires are man made. Normally, permission is needed to do so but it is speculated that these destructive fires started were started illegally. It is not just one big fire either; in a 48-hour time period there were over 2,500 active fires in the rainforest ( The rainforest makes 20% of the world’s oxygen and also houses 10% of the world’s known biodiversity. It is said that if the rainforest burns completely, the world would change drastically; farming would suffer, our water supply would dwindle and many animals could go extinct. The Amazon is expected to get patchy rain through mid-September but it may not be enough to extinguish the raging fires.  

But why are many of us just finding out about this now? Events like the burning of Notre Dame in France are all over the media almost the instant the catastrophes begin. Although an important piece of history,  it is just a building, so why should we pay more attention to that than we do about something that provides us oxygen? The media can be an excellent source of information and can keep people connected with the world but only certain events seem to really be a focus. 

Certain tragedies are highlighted when others are not. It needs to be evened out. It can be hard to document every tragedy but the media should try its hardest to cover the tragedy, even if it is just a small blurb. Being informed about what is happening around the world is important; the moment we stop being aware of major events then what is the point of such a widespread advancement like social media? 

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