Truth about juuling

Written by Mackenzie Devlin

Teenagers may think that cigarettes are worse than juuling, but that is not the case. The level of nicotine in one pod is the same amount of nicotine in an entire pack of cigarettes. The nicotine chemical is very addictive and very toxic as well. Juuling may not cause any immediate harm, but in the future it can cause many health problems. Nicotine stimulates the central nervous system, which increases blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate. These increases that may seem minor can lead to heart failure or death. 

Additionally, Popcorn Lung is a disease that damages the smallest airways of the lungs and causes coughing and shortness of breath. A dangerous chemical called diacetyl used to make flavors in e-cigarettes causes Popcorn Lung. Juuling also affects the part of the brain that controls feelings of pleasure, which motivates you to continue so you can get that feeling of pleasure. This is what makes nicotine so addictive. Teenagers who begin smoking before their brain has fully developed at age 25 will feel effects in the activity of the prefrontal cortex. This causes teenage who smoke to perform worse on tasks related to memory and attention compared to those who do not. 

Research is still being developed on the effects of juuling and the harmful ways it affects the body, but the research that is out now shows that juuling may not be as safe as everyone believes it to be.

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