School year stress relief

Written by Lindsey Gietl

Ready or not, it is the beginning of the school year! Sadly, summer is over and the time for learning is here. As the days grow shorter and the classes get harder, stress will likely stack up. So to help, here are 20 ways to manage your school year stress! 

  1. Take deep breaths 
  2. Take part in a positive activity 
  3. Play sports or an active game
  4. Think of something funny 
  5. Take a quick walk 
  6. Practice yoga or another calming activity
  7. Stand up and stretch 
  8. Listen to music 
  9. Take a short break to collect your thoughts 
  10. Slowly count to 10
  11. Talk to a friend 
  12. Talk to a trusted adult 
  13. Close your eyes and relax 
  14. Tell yourself, “I can do this” 
  15. Draw or color a picture 
  16. Do something you love
  17. Chew gum 
  18. Set a reasonable goal
  19. Organize your work 
  20. Ask for a break if you need one

The school year is never an easy time for students or teachers, but do not sweat it too much. Find  what works for you and be the best at what you do! Have a great, stress-free year!

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