Dogs on vacation

Pets are a big part of a family. Some people bring their pets with them everywhere because they can not bear to leave them alone. Other pets have separation problems and need to stay with their people. My dog happens to be one of those dogs. 

Over the summer, my family decided to go to the beach, but first we had to figure out what we were going to do with our dog. My dog is a massive 110 pounds and always in the way but we decided we would take her anyway. Getting Sasha in the car took away a lot of room for us and our things. We had to put down one of the chairs just to fit Sasha and her dog bed. My younger siblings sat in the back and I sat by Sasha. She whined during the first hour or so of our trip, but after that she was pretty good. 

Watching Sasha experience the beach for the first time was well worth the hassle of taking her. She was not sure what to do with the sand and kept shoving her face directly into it. She was not a big fan of the ocean, getting close to it and trying to eat it then running when the waves came up. The beach was very confusing to her and I do not think she knew what to make of the experience, however, she seemed to relax a bit when trying to catch little sand crabs. When I took her on walks and watched her pounce in the sand, I did not think I could stop laughing. She had the most fun, though, when we took her off leash and let her chase her ball. She definitely enjoyed the beach more with the comfort of her family. 

I think it is a good thing to take your pets with you and let them experience things they never have before. Although Sasha was not the biggest fan of the beach, she still had a good time. I would love to take her more places with me even if it is a pain.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 12.13.07 PM

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