Springfield Local Elections

The city of Springfield is in the midst of another major election. The voting of Mayor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, Aldermen and Park Board will take place on Apr. 2.

A major local election like this happens every four years. These offices are the people who speak on the behalf of the citizens of Springfield. This is an important election because it is the citizen’s duty to take action for the betterment of our community.

The Mayor of Springfield has many jobs. He is in charge of Springfield’s day-to-day administration, as well as preside over council meetings and make decisions. The Mayor provides leadership and establishes goals and public policies for the city of Springfield. The current Mayor of Springfield is James “Jim” Langfelder, who is running for re-election against his opponent Frank Edwards.

The Springfield City Clerk also has many duties. The City Clerk records the minutes during council meetings, drafts agendas and files records for the city. The current City Clerk is Frank Lesko and is running against Rianne Hawkins.

City Treasurer of Springfield is in charge of managing purchases of municipal funds. The treasurer advises city council on issues regarding city funds. Misty Buscher is the current City Treasurer and Jennifer Notariano is her opponent in this year’s election.

There are 10 different wards throughout Springfield. Each ward has an appointed alderman who lives in the ward and handles issues within their ward, as well as the entire city. The 10 Alderman reside on City Council. Aldermen are part-time jobs, most having a career on top of their aldermanic position. It is essential for an elected Alderman to be good with time management and handling issues. If you are unaware of which ward you reside in, you can find a map on the city council website (springfieldcityclerk.com). You will also find the list of all 10 Aldermen, as well as those running in this upcoming election.

As a citizen of Springfield, this election is very important. For the students who are 18, make sure to go vote. For the students under 18, your voice can still be heard. Talk to your aldermen and attend city council meetings. The future of Springfield belongs to the young adults of today. If Springfield wants to see a change or make a difference, the citizens must take the steps toward making one happen. Support your local government, stay up-to-date and get involved today.

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