Bored in Springfield? Check out these places to go in a day!

  1. 1 hour 38 minutes away – The Edge

4.3 out of 5 stars!

This fun-filled game arena has so much to offer! A movie theatre, a virtual reality stimulator, bowling, arcade games, bumper cars, go-carts and a huge laser tag area all at one location! The Edge has something to offer for all ages and will keep you and your friends occupied for hours! No need to worry, they have food available for purchase when you get hungry and need a break. They often run specials or you can buy a party pack.

This is one not-so-well known place, but it has so much excitement to offer.

2. 3 hours 14 minutes away – Fugitive Beach

4.5 stars out of 5!

Seniors, can’t afford or don’t have time for a week long senior trip? Underclassmen, finally get your license and want to have a wild summer day? Take a day trip to Fugitive Beach! This is a great way to bring your summer adventures on a sandy beach much closer to home, and for much cheaper too! Fugitive Beach offers cliff diving, kayaking, inflatable obstacle courses and slides, beach volleyball, human foosball and many places to eat or lay out and soak up the sun. This beautiful baby blue lake will bring the beach experience to you and your friends any day of the summer.

3. 1 hour 50 minutes – Vermillion River Rafting

4 out of 5 stars!

Maybe you are looking for a watery adventure even closer to home. Vermillion River Rafting offers just that! For only 30 dollars a person, a group of four or six friends could enjoy a fun and relaxing day rafting down the river. They also rent “funyaks” which are inflatable one-man kayaks. Although their rapids are rated only 1’s and 2’s on a 5-point scale, some of the drops look to be intense. This nearly mile stretch of the river has multiple species of wildlife to see, some natural waterfalls to explore and plenty of places to get off your raft for lunch.

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