Funky Tunes for the New Year

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There is no feeling in the world more satisfying than discovering a new artist and falling in love. If you enjoy listening to new music but do not want the hassle of searching through loads of songs until you find something you like, you are in luck!

Allie X is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has seen a lot of success recently with her albums “CollXtion I,” “CollXtion II,” and “Super Sunset.” Allie X’s songs have an uncanny ability to transport the listener with their electro-pop vibes. One of her biggest hits, “Paper Love” (from “Collxtion II”), is more edgy than most mainstream pop, while retaining the catchiness that is necessary for success. Two of her other songs, “Hello” (from “CollXtion I”) and “Can’t Stop Now” (from “Super Sunset”), are also extremely catchy, proving Allie X is an artist that will be around for a while.

Tessa Violet is a fairly new artist who has made a name for herself with “Crush,” a wildly addicting song that never gets old. The slower-tempoed “Bad Ideas” also keeps you wanting more. The only question that remains with Tessa Violet is when she will be releasing a full length album.

Grouplove is a band most notably known for their 2011 song, “Tongue Tied,” but they also have an extensive discography that goes beyond their initial success. “Traumatized,” which was released in 2016 is a low-profile song on the album “Big Mess.” “Traumatized” keeps on trend with a pop feel, but drifts into the alternative rock category. Through this, Grouplove proves that they have music that appeals to everyone.

Two Door Cinema Club is a band from Northern Ireland that has seen success with their albums “Tourist History,” “Beacon,” and “Gameshow.” “Wake Up” (“Beacon”) and “Bad Decisions” (“Gameshow”) are different than most indie-rock songs in their ability to be so universally intriguing

Amanda Tenfjord is a newly-established Norwegian singer. With singles such as “First Impression” and “No Thanks,” Tenfjord offers Euro-pop vibes for listeners who crave fun, upbeat songs. Tenfjord is still a low-key, up-and-coming artist, so it will be interesting to see what she will do in the future.

Elsa and Emilie is a duo that also became known in Norway. Their debut album, “Endless Optimism” which was released in 2014, produced many bops such as “Run” and “Firemaker.” “Endless Optimism” (which received a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy!) is the album if you like slower pop full of hypnotic harmonies you can still get up and dance to.

Bleachers is a New York based band that released their first single “I Wanna Get Better” in 2014. Their music draws influences from the late 1980’s and early 90’s, so it is perfect for someone who wants to listen to throwback songs, while still discovering new music. “Rollercoaster” and “Don’t Take the Money” are excellent to listen to as your introduction to Bleachers.

Bad Suns is an alternative rock band that has been active since 2012. They have released two full length albums, “Language & Perspective” and “Disappear Here.” Most recently, Bad Suns released their first new music in over a year, a single titled “Away We Go,” which captivated listeners with its uniqueness. Its success helped prove that Bad Suns is a band that would not simply drift away and stop producing hits, but instead stay around for a while.

For your listening and dancing pleasure, click on the link below!

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