2018-2019 Newspaper Staff

Week after week, we publish articles and conduct interviews hoping to get to know the students of Springfield High. It is now time for the students of SHS to meet the staff of The Senator.

Up first, we have our dedicated senior editors, Carson Allen, Jenna Cisco and Sarah Hudspeth. Carson has been a member of The Senator staff since his sophomore year and he is extremely passionate about his avocado socks. Carson’s favorite movie is “The Iron Giant” and he claims he can quote every word. Jenna and Sarah are enjoying their second year on The Senator staff and they are very excited for this upcoming year. Jenna plans to attend UIS to study education and she loves dissecting a investigation while watching Criminal Minds. Sarah loves every Nicholas Sparks film except “A Walk to Remember” and she is always ready to devour a meaty piece of chicken (free of seasoning, of course.)




Emma Batterman is another senior staff member who has been writing for The Senator since her sophomore year. Emma is a passionate film connoisseur who has an orange car and hopes to travel to Tokyo in the future. Morgan Gill and Roy Gully IV are seniors who are savoring their second year on staff. Roy’s favorite food is chicken n’ dumplins and if you spot him in the hall, the first thing you’ll notice is his full head of curly hair. Morgan is constantly ready to snack on some tacos and watch “The Notebook,” so possible suitors should pay attention. Our other senior staffers are Cavin Armour and Ethan Doyle. This is their first year on the staff of The Senator and they are pumped to share their knowledge with the world. Cavin was addicted to online gambling for a short time and he wants the people to known that he has been branded before. Ethan has also been branded, he loves to eat sandwiches and his favorite musician is Travis Scott.





Our junior staff members include Molly Harms, Sidney Harney, Emily Hartman and Tara Sholtis. Molly is writing on The Senator for her second year and she loves wearing Crocs, dancing and watching Jurassic Park. Sidney, Emily and Tara are relishing in their first year on staff. Sidney eats anything and everything in sight and she loves watching Marvel movies. Emily is going to get a motorcycle the day she turns 18, and she wants the people to know that she loves a juicy cheeseburger. Tara’s favorite novel is Diary of a Wimpy Kid and she broke her tailbone in the 8th grade, rendering her buttocks useless.




Our sophomore staff members are Lindsey Gietl and Niamh Mahoney. Lindsey’s favorite sandwich shop is Head West and her favorite film is “Moulin Rouge.” Niamh likes to chow down on a plate of spaghetti and she reads Harry Potter whenever she needs a pick-me-up.




Our dutiful sponsors are Ms. Lydia Negele, her boyfriend, Señor Roy Gully III, and Mr. Benjamin Kramer. Lydia likes her dog, Charlie, her boyfriend, Roy III, and her parents, Hilary and Frances. Lydia had an eyebrow ring in her younger years, which may have suggested a volatile nature. Roy III loves reading The Bible, praising the Lord and honoring our savior, Jesus Christ. Benjamin likes eating Sun Chips and bullying students into oblivion.

Thank you for getting to know us, your dedicated 2018-2019 staff of The Senator. We are looking forward to providing you with informational, entertaining articles this year.

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