Club Spotlight- Be a Senator

The ultimate goal of Be a Senator is to create a positive school culture! If you want to improve our school’s atmosphere and be involved in upcoming rewards for SHS students, this club is for you!

Be a Senator organizes the famous PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA, THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY (the best day of the week) on the first and third Thursday of each month, members of Be a Senator sell pizza at both lunch shifts for only $2 a slice!

This year they will also be selling pizza at the Homecoming tailgate before the football game. Support Be a Senator while enjoying delicious dinner– a win, win. Hopefully a win, win, win by the end of the game!

Each quarterly acknowledgement for having no tardies or referrals, such as Lunch On the Lawn, are also organized by BAS. They are in need of new ideas for this school year! You could be a part of deciding what yummy or exciting treats our students earn for their excellent behavior.

This club also believes in Out of the Blue initiatives which means they randomly reward students who are not late to class or do something kind for one another. Shlottos are often given to reinforce and praise positive behavior! These are all strides to brighten the school day and create a happy environment at SHS.

Listen carefully to the morning announcements to hear what exciting things Be a Senator has to offer throughout the year, including when it is PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA, THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY!

Join by picking up an application from Mr. Kyes in the guidance office and returning a completed form by Sept. 25.


For any questions, see President Tayli Shekleton or Co-Vice Presidents Ally Teichman and Will Reiser.

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