Behind the scenes of the fall play

Each year, SHS presents the fall play, a production which is entirely planned and executed by students. Whether it be the lights and sound controller, the director, the stage manager or the cast, the play is exclusively Senator-run. This year is no exception – for the past month, a group of all-star Solons has been tirelessly working in preparation to present The Pink Panther Strikes Again on Nov. 18-20.

While the cast of the fall play usually receives all the glory, the real spotlight should be placed on the group of integral people who work behind the scenes to make the production possible. Without this group, the play would flat-out fail. These people include director Teresa LoGrasso, assistant director Molly Thornberry, adult advisors Karen Gerdes and Deb Eaton, lights and sound coordinator Brendan Duffy and stage crew led by stage manager Olivia Santos.

When people watch The Pink Panther Strikes Again, almost none of them will put any thought into the substantial amount of work which each of these people has done. Only a few of the many responsibilities of the director include finding and borrowing props, casting the play, finding someone to take care of costumes and editing the play to determine which scenes need to be cut. Perhaps one of the largest tasks, which burdens primarily the director and the stage manager, is set building. Teresa, Oliva, many cast members and many invaluable parents have put in countless hours building the beautiful set of The Pink Panther Strikes Again.

The 2017 fall play is certain to be just as spectacular and memorable as each fall play which has come before it. Be sure to come out and watch the play on the weekend of Nov. 17 and cheer on the actors and actresses, but be even more sure to thank those who put in work behind the scenes, because they are the folks who truly made the play happen.

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