Oscars conspiracy theories

By: Cameron Campas

With what could have been known as the biggest mess ups known to the Oscar’s, Faye Dunaway announced that “La La Land” won the award for Best Motion Picture when it was suppose to be awarded to “Moonlight.”

It has been said that Dunaway and her co-presenter, Warren Beatty, were given the wrong envelope that was suppose to be for Best Female Actress.

After La La Land was announced as best Picture, the filmmakers, actresses and actors made their way to the stage and began to accept their award. It took several minutes for the producers to realize the “mistake.”

However, social media thought differently; was it really a “mistake”?

There is only one thing people love more than a worldwide mistake on one of most well known award shows: conspiracy theories on how it could have happened.

Many theories have been created stating that this mess up could have been staged.

On the official ABC’s Oscars “After Party” special, host Anthony Anderson seemed very convinced that this was a conspiracy.

There are five big theories to the idea on if the mess up was not a actual mess up.

The first and most talked about theory is that this was all just a Jimmy Kimmel prank.

The late night show host is known for his practical jokes on social media. After the whole mess up, Kimmel made his way to the stage to crack some jokes and clear up any of the mishaps. Why would he be the one to come on stage next? Why would he be blaming Steve Harvey for this? Could he be behind this whole situation?

Many people seem to believe that Kimmel was behind this shenanigan, because what better way to make his mark on the Oscars very memorable.

The second theory is that is was all Leonardo DiCaprio’s fault.

Viewers noticed that when DiCaprio announced Emma Stone on being best actress, he did not give her the card when she won.

Hmm, could he be responsible for this catastrophe? Later, Stone was in possession of her card, but they do print out two cards for the awards. Either way, this event does sound quite suspicious. Maybe Leo laid the Best Actress card on top of the Best Picture card while he walked off stage? Will we ever know?

The third theory is that this was a prank from Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel. There has supposedly been a year long “feud” between the two.

There was a prank played at the awards where when Damon was speaking there was music played over his voice. Jimmy got a laugh with this one. Could this mess up have been a prank being played where Damon gave Beatty the wrong envelope trying to make it look like Kimmel did it? Did this all happen because of a ridiculous “fake” feud?

Another claim is that this mess up was caused by the universe. 

With all of the crazy things happening this year such as the Cubs winning the World Series, Donald Trump winning the election, the results of the Super Bowl and now this?

The final conspiracy is that the award show producers just wanted to have some fun. Along with all of the shocking events that have happened this year, as stated before, maybe the producers thought, “What can one more slip up do to everyone? Will it have people talking? Will it be the headlines of newspapers or social media sites?”

 The producers claimed that their worker on the left side of the stage handed the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty.

But why did it take a few minutes for them to notice the mistake and tell someone? We will never know.

These conspiracy theories have been taken greatly into thought the past couple of weeks. What do you think is true? Was it fake or just a major mess up for a professional award show?

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