10 Things to do on your lonely Valentines Day

If you are that one friend in your friend group that does not have a date for Valentines Day, this article is for you. Below are some ideas on how to spend your lonely Valentines Day without getting jealous about your friends who are out on dates. 

1.Watch Romantic Movies That Do Not End Well

There is nothing better than watching other people not having a happy ending on Valentine’s Day. Some examples of these movies are Titanic, Gone with the Wind, Bonnie and Clyde and Edward Scissorhands.


2. Eat All the Candy and/or Food in Your House

Nothing helps sadness better than food.

3. Go Out with Other Single Friends

Go out and see a movie with one of your other single friends and enjoy time with each other.

4. Go Buy All of the Cheap Candy in Your Local Store

Might as well, little more candy will not hurt anyone. Just your bank account.


5. Stalk All Your Friends on Social Media

Got to make sure your friends are staying safe!

6.Sleep All Day

Sleep is always nice.

7. Have Your Own Romantic Date with your Cat, Dog, Goldfish, Guinea Pig, etc…

Pets never leave your side and will always love you.


8. Clean your Room/House

You have nothing else to do.

9. Do Things you Have Been Putting Off

Cross somethings off of your bucket list while all of your friends are out with their date. What else do you have to do.

10. Just Act Like it is Not Valentines Day

Spend time with yourself and do not worry about what day it actually is.


photo credit to Soundtrack Collector, Wild for Wags, Trupanion, Pinterest.com


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