Kind cards take over SHS

A new wave has crested upon the shores of Springfield High School. Not a wave of force or oppression, but rather a wave of kindness. The leaders of this heroic charge? The Be a Senator team and teachers throughout the building armed with the greatest weapon of them all—Kind Cards.

But what actually are these afamed kind cards?

In the words of Ben Turner, a senior member on the Be a Senator council, Kinds Cards are “a new mission to boost morale and promote a positive atmosphere” throughout Springfield High School.

The system is simple: Every teacher chooses one student and one staff member to whom they send a kind card. On each card, the teacher writes his or her name and the name of the recipient.

The unique aspect of these cards is that the sender must write in a few lines about why he or she chose the given recipient.

These couple sentences are what give the Kind Cards their power. The cards become so much more personal on both the sending and receiving ends, making the entire experience that much more enjoyable.

In this way, Kind Cards are superior to Shlotto cards or mass rewards for good students. Individual praise simply makes people feel good, and when people feel good people around them feel good and the entire learning environment is improved.

Another way in which Kind Cards are different than Shotto cards is that the Kind Cards are not for students who go out of their way to do a selfless act but rather for the students who are reservedly kind on a daily basis.

Too often are the times that the loud, noticeable students receives more praise than the quiet kid in the back of the room who works efficiently every day. Teachers were suggested to pick students who are quieter but always work hard and pay attention in class. These students, the inconspicuous ones, should be the real behavioral role models at SHS.

Mrs. Pence, an accomplished mathematician and teacher at SHS, commented on the recently introduced Kind Cards and said her one fear is that if the cards are overused, they lose their potency.

Like everything, if the kind cards are given to everyone they will not motivate students to work harder or behave better. Kind Cards must retain its value in the eyes of the students in order for the kind card mission to succeed.

Kind Cards, however, should also not be underused, as if the cards are out of mind or forgotten, they will likewise lose their effectiveness. Without the kind cards in mind, students will again not strive to better themselves. Mrs. Pence suggests that if the cards are sent out once every month, they would achieve their full potential.

Kind Cards have significant potential, but their real power comes from you, the students body. If you respect the Kind Cards and realize their true meaning, they will grow from an ambitious mission of the Be a Senator team into a school-wide and possibly even district-wide system.

In the struggle of high school, with a new source of stress every day, the Be a Senator team is giving the gift of happiness, one Kind Card at a time.

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