The Nix, Book Review

Not seeing what is going on in front of you is a problem for much of the male species especially Samuel Andreson-Anderson and his father.

Nathan Hill’s book, The Nix, describes the life of 11 year old Samuel Andreson-Anderson, and his father.

One day, young Samuel did not see that his mother had gradually taken her belongings from their quaint house in the Midwest. After going throughImage result for The Nix his pubescent years without a mother, Samuel grows up to have a mundane job as a literature teacher at the local college.

This is the situation until he hears from his publisher, Mr. Periwinkle. Periwinkle is not happy because Samuel isn’t done with the book that he was supposed to finish. To save himself from bankruptcy, he writes the story of his Nix, who turns out to be his mother. A Nix is a Norwegian spirit that appears as a white horse that carries of children into the ocean.

With his mother leaving so early in his life, Samuel has to uncover years of history with the help of his online friend, Pwnage and people from his mother’s past. Samuel ends up discovering a life that he would of never thought she would have. Samuels mother had forgotten to tell of her friends, the lovers, and the experience of being in Chicago overall. 

Hill addresses many topics in, The Nix, that most writers are afraid to touch. He writes of the troubles of growing up without a mother along with the struggles of friends. He writes from multiple point of views and writes the stories of these people in different time periods. Hill creates a time warping experience that makes it difficult to stop reading.

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