Photo/video club created by SHS students

Springfield High School encourages everyone to expand their horizon and use their skills through multiple extracurricular activities. Through these multiple sports and clubs we are able to express ourselves and meet new people.

Unfortunately, a chunk of our student body has an interest in photography and filmmaking with no real outlet or support.

Seniors Joseph Abe-Bell, Jimmy Riemer and Tyler Shekleton decided to swoop in and save the day.

“There was no supply for the demand and we needed to fix that,” Shekleton said.

The Photo/video club strives to bring the SHS community together and open up  opportunities for everyone. The club’s members are motivated to try and reach out to anyone that is interested.

People from all walks of life such as actors and actresses, filmmakers and artists are welcome. Participation is encouraged and ideas are appreciated. “In the club you are your own boss,” Abe-Bell explained.

The club itself is just at the beginning stage so there are no specific meeting dates.

The founders of the club plan to make their mark on the school and stand out before graduating.

With an ongoing list of long term and short term goals that they want to achieve the club plans to uphold school pride and bring the school together. Their top priority is making sure the club will last throughout the years. Allowing students to be recognized for their skills is also a part of their goals.

Join Photo/video club now, there is no obligation you get to choose what you do. Even if you are on the fence give it a chance, come to a few meetings, it’s open to everyone.

You can find the film club on Twitter @SHSPhotoVideo and on their website

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