The turtle and the bunny rabbit

Once upon a time lived a Turtle and a Bunny rabbit. They lived in adjoining apartments on the south side of Chicago. Both the turtle and the bunny rabbit were born in these apartments on the same day. The two creatures, however, could not be more different.

From a young age, the turtle was always turtle-crawling around, talking to everyone and always with a weird turtle-smile expression on his face. While the turtle was playing on the baseball team and going to high school football games and holding hands with cute girl turtles the bunny rabbit was studying. As their high school days came to an all too sudden close, the bunny rabbit was first in their class while the turtle was somewhere in the middle with his average B’s and C’s and occasional D’s or A’s.

After graduation, the turtle went home and threw the party of his life with all his best turtle buds and all of the cute girl-turtles and they drank turtle-soda and held hands and did their weird turtle-smiles together all through the night. The bunny rabbit went home and hosted a small cookout organized by his mom with his handful of bunny rabbit-friends and their parents who all left promptly at 7pm so that the bunny rabbit could go to bed.

When it was time to go to college the turtle took the bus to the local community college where he was to study the culinary arts with an emphasis in turtle food. The bunny rabbit flew off to California where he attended Stanford to study business with a minor in bunny rabbit studies. Back at home, the turtle went through his two years of culinary school with the same old turtle pals that he spent his high school with and attended many college parties with much hand holding and also turtle-soda drinking; all the while the weird turtle-smile never left his face. At Stanford, the bunny rabbit met many great people and travelled to amazing places but never had time for the bunny rabbit-parties or any hand holding or bunny rabbit-soda drinking. In his four years he only made a handful of bunny rabbit-friends and all they really bonded over was their studies.

Back at home the turtle finished his two years of turtle culinary school and went to work at a local turtle restaurant. Slowly but steadily he worked his way up the management chain and eventually left the company to open his own turtle restaurant. After college the bunny rabbit started his own carrot manufacturing company. He spent countless hours pouring over his work until eventually he had it—he had invented a method to vastly increase the efficiency of carrot farms around the world. His discovery allowed farmers to easily grow carrots almost anywhere, even in the slums of developing nations. The bunny rabbit’s new method was one of the largest factors that contributed to the end of world hunger. Needless to say, the bunny rabbit’s business was ridiculously successful and he made millions.

With his well-earned fortune, the bunny rabbit bought himself a Los Angeles apartment and also a fancy bunny rabbit car. He travelled the world doing rich bunny rabbit things like donating to the poor bunny rabbits in Africa and investing in solar energy and eating fancy bunny rabbit food. As the bunny rabbit grew older into his 70s and his fur got grayer, he decided he would retire and move back to his hometown of Chicago. So the bunny rabbit sold his Los Angeles apartment and packed up his fancy bunny rabbit-car in preparation for the trip. On his last day, the bunny rabbit’s company threw an office-wide goodbye party and everyone came and ate a slice of goodbye cake and drank some goodbye carrot juice and did a lot of hand shaking. His co-workers were respectful of the bunny rabbit and sad to lose such a hard worker—but that was all; nobody was losing a friend—just a hard working co-worker.

When he returned to Chicago, the bunny rabbit bought a riverside apartment and met his new neighbors: an elderly beaver couple. The bunny rabbit watched as the elderly beaver couple did elderly beaver things like play bingo with their other elderly beaver friends and buy presents for their little beaver grandson and sit on their balcony sipping white wine and the bunny rabbit realized that’s what he wanted to do. When he thought about it though, the bunny rabbit realized he couldn’t do those things because he didn’t have any bunny rabbit friends to play bingo with or a bunny rabbit grandson or a bunny rabbit wife whom he could sit with on the balcony and sip white wine. This saddened the bunny rabbit, but he comforted himself by saying he didn’t have time for bunny rabbit friends or a bunny rabbit wife or a bunny rabbit grandson because he was to focused on his work. “But I should be happy about my work,” thought the bunny. “I ended world hunger and saved countless lives and now I have millions of dollars.”

Despite all his efforts, the bunny rabbit still couldn’t rid himself of the feeling that he was missing out on life. One day, when the bunny rabbit was driving his fancy bunny rabbit-car on the south side of Chicago, one of the stoplights was broken, and he ended up crashing into another car. The paramedics came to the scene and rushed the two drivers off to the hospital. When they got to the ER, the bunny rabbit looked across and saw that the other driver was the turtle from his childhood. The bunny rabbit said “Oh, hey there turtle. How was your life?”

“My life was perfect, bunny rabbit, I couldn’t have asked for more” came the reply.

“What do mean ‘you couldn’t have asked for more’?” Inquired the bunny rabbit ,confused. “You could have asked for money or fame or a fancy turtle-car.”

“Oh bunny rabbit,” said the wise old turtle, “I don’t want any of that. My life was filled with doing the things I love with the people I love.”

“But turtle… I was always told i would have to do some things i didn’t want to and sacrifice some pleasures if i ever wanted to go anywhere in life.”

“That’s your problem right there, bunny rabbit. You’re always trying to go somewhere or do something. Maybe sometimes it’s better to stop running through life and just try to be happy right where you are.”

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