Sangamon CEO vs sharks results

By: Dorothy Ingebrigtsten

The Sangamon CEO vs Sharks event on Saturday is yet another example of the talent possessed by the students at SHS, as the People’s Choice, first, second and third place award winning teams all had Senators on them.


First, Maki Hill and Jimmy Riemer, along with the rest of their team, gave an outstanding presentation featuring a new commercial to show off their business called RecoverX.

RecoverX is a business made for athletes. Their first product, recovery pods, are to be sold at the Running Center starting in 2017. RecoverX later went on to win the People’s Choice Award for the night, a big win for our two Senators.

Elizabeth Ayorinde then gave a passionate presentation about her business called Mission Couture. With her business, she plans on consistently donating some of her profits to people in need in Peru, a place she has been actively involved with. To do this, she has designed a clothing line that combines American culture with aspects of Peruvian culture.

After the presentations came the actual pitches to the Sharks, a group of successful business leaders and entreupeneurs.

The first pitch came from Ben Turner, with his business Patient Tops. Ben used his father’s experience in the hospital to create a product that would be beneficial to anyone spending time in the hospital. The product is a customizable top that has velcro down the sides and across the arms, for easy access to the torso if need be. Ben hopes that with his product, patients in the hospital will feel less like patients and more like the unique person they are. Ben ended up coming in third place ranked by the sharks, and definitely made SHS proud!

Evan Weller and his partner then pitched their business called With SnackThat, subscribers will receive a monthly package containing healthy snacks. Along with the snacks will come sources of the food, so if the subscriber likes what they get, they can locally find it to continue snacking. With this business, Evan and his partners hope to help Americans get in the habit of healthy eating and snacking, which would be easier once they knew where exactly to get healthy snacks. Unfortunately, SnackThat did not place in the top three, but the potential this business has shows the talent Evan possesses!

The second place finisher came from SHS as well! Daniel Olsen delivered a pitch to the sharks about his business called Ability Marketplace. Ability Marketplace is an online marketplace designed to help disabled people find jobs, and make the process easier for them. Daniel is also active in making posters about Illinois (which features himself in one) that he is hoping to see soon around classrooms in the district. Daniel had a great presentation and presence on stage and SHS cannot wait to see the success that will come from his business.

Of course, the biggest success came from the huge first place win of the whole event by Abby Tellez, Joseph Abe-Bell and Julia Gorden. Their business, Tomatoes and Blankets, aims to make donating to non for profit businesses easier. Tomatoes and Blankets would be a system that allows you to locate nearby non for profits, and see just what they are in need of. Once you pledge to donate what they have listed, it is crossed off, then becomes your responsibility to bring it to the business. With their impressive business plan and presentation, they received first place! This means the sharks that were present at the event will be investing in their business, which is very impressive considering they are only seniors in high school. SHS is very proud of all three of the senators involved in the win, and is expecting to see great success coming from this business.

Saturday proved the dominance of SHS and our students outside of the basic sports, clubs and academics. The students representing SHS in the CEO program prove that these senators and every senator have bright and successful futures ahead of them.

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