Feminism club new to SHS

The Merriam-Webster has two different definitions for Feminism.  One is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.  The other being organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.

Although there are many negative stereotypes for feminism floating around today, Ella Unal and Quaye Meadow are here to show the student body that those stereotypes aren’t always true.

“Ella and I started the Feminism Club because it is an important topic that not many people are educated about,” Negro, a sophomore here at SHS and co-founder of the club said.  “We tried to start the club last year but Mr.Grossen did not really approve of it.”

The Feminism Club meets twice a month on Tuesdays for about 45 minutes to an hour.  


Feminism Club member and senior at SHS, A’maginese O’Neal goes over her notes for an upcoming meeting.

Unal stated that she helped start the club because she believes in the values of feminism and wants to inform the students at SHS how equality for all is important.  

“I am looking forward to seeing and meeting new people and hearing the different viewpoints and opinions that people have to offer,” Unal, a sophomore, said. 

The club meets in either Mrs. Moon’s or Mrs. Mosley’s room to hold discussions.  So far, the group has discussed white feminism and how to be a better feminist.  

“I joined the club because I believe in the values, I am a feminist, and I believe in justice for everyone,” said Emma Batterman, a sophomore at SHS.  “I enjoy the club because I get to hear different point of views.  No one in the club is negative and we use our words to lift others up.”

As Batterman put it, feminism can not be defined by one thing.  The concept is a broad spectrum with many different meanings and values people.  This is one thing that the Feminist Club strives to show the students at this school.  

“To me, feminism is equality for everyone, not just women,” Negro said.  

Even though the dictionary has a pretty clear definition to what feminism is supposed to be, Feminism Club will show you otherwise with the insightful student led discussions over important topics.  

As of now, the club has about 15 members with more coming every week.  The majority are females but there are a few males as well.  

“My favorite part about the club is interacting with others who are interested in the same thing as me that affects a big part of my life,” Negro said.  

As of now, the Feminism Club is still settling as it is new to SHS.  Soon they plan to sell pins to students to raise money for women in other countries.  

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