SHS embraces diverse student body with new club

Along with the new principal and new rules this year, Springfield High School also has multiple new and exciting clubs to join.  

One of these clubs is the Diversity Club.  

For seniors A’maginese O’Neal, Justice Bedolli and Dylan Conley-Keck, a club put aside for diversity was just the thing they were looking for.  

“Last year, Justice, Dylan, and I, said [the word] ‘diversity’ all the time.  The idea for a club came soon after,” said co-founder A’maginese.  

The club is used to celebrate diversity and as a safe-haven for anyone regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ethnicity.

“I joined Diversity Club because it was a perfect opportunity to get to know people.  Everyone in the club is very friendly and they want to get to know other people.  I am looking forward to the fun activities and meeting new people,” said sophomore Diversity Club member Lily Beard.  

The club itself strives to raise awareness to the importance of diversity and to get people excited about being different. Co-founder Dylan Conley-Keck says the club looks to bring people of different cultures and lifestyles togethers, as he, Bedolli and O’Neal realized that most tend to stick to what they know.

“What I have learned from this club is that there are a lot of different people at SHS.  I want to learn to appreciate other cultures and meet new people,” said senior Geoffrey Datz.  “I like the community the club has to offer and it has a good group of people.”  The club meets once a month in Ms. Smoots room, 160.  For this club, anyone and everyone at SHS are welcome.  

As the wise A’maginese O’Neal once said ,“Be diverse, eat diverse, sleep diverse.  Diversity.”  

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