From ACT to SAT

At the beginning of the school year, thousands of high school junior were enraged with the sudden change in the standardized testing.

On Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016, Illinois made the official switch from the ACT to College Board’s SAT.

The change in testing gives current juniors little time to prepare for the test that could get them into the college of their dreams. Preparation ahead of time allows for a higher score and more confidence while in the testing room.

Some current juniors have been getting ready for the ACT for years, taking multiple practice tests and spending money on prep classes, some costing hundreds of dollars.


The ACT and SAT are very different tests; however, the differences are not very overwhelming.

According to Diane Rado of the Chicago Tribune, more than 90 school districts have already signed up with ACT to give their juniors this spring at the expense of the school district.

The article goes on to explain that last month Chicago Public Schools sent a letter to parents stating the district will administer the ACT to all juniors this spring. 

This goes to show that school districts have already gotten ready to administer the ACT to their students.

Khan Academy has announced that there is a free program on their website to prepare students for the SAT. College Board has also said that they are reworking the new test.

According to College Board, the new version eliminates penalties for guessing, focuses on areas of math that ‘matter most for college and career readiness’ and other changes. 

The date for the new SAT is not yet confirmed, but it is assumed that juniors all over Illinois will be taking it in the spring.

Good Luck!

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