Mindy the myth buster: edition 1

For the past few weeks I have been testing the waters and scoping out every nook and cranny in the school. With three and a half years of experience at SHS under my belt, I can proudly say that I am a professional myth buster.

Kids do NOT attempt what you are about to read…

Everybody knows the age old myth about Springfield High School’s ghost, Rachel, but is she the real deal?

Today we explore the myth about Rachel. We all know what happens when everybody leaves school. The almighty janitors swoop in and clean the whole place up.

The question is… Is that the only thing occurring during the late hours? I took the initiative of setting up three different experiments. Each one will help me prove whether Rachel is fact or fiction.

Experiment one: Operation Up and Down

From what I have heard, Rachel sightings are mostly near or inside the elevator. After getting in touch with some of my inside sources at school, I obtained the elusive elevator pass.

With this piece of gold I can ride the elevator whenever I want, wherever I want.

In order to make sure the data I collected was 100% accurate, I decided to take the elevator for a whole week. Sacrifices have to be made and unfortunately that meant I had to leave class five minutes early.

On my first day riding the elevator, nothing unusual occurred. The only thing that threw me off was the odd odor. I would describe the odor as an earthy and musky smell.

The more I think about it the more I suspect Rachel was the cause of it. After all, the school grounds used to be a cemetery. After a few days into my first experiment, more suspicious activities began to occur. The lights flickered and the elevator would stall in between floors.

It was as though Rachel was trying to stop me from unveiling the truth.

Experiment number two: Danny

In order to get the really juicy details I decided to go undercover.

For three days I roamed the hallways as Danny, the new janitor. With my fake moustache on and a completely different persona, I was able to pull off this stunt with ease.

On the first day my fellow senators passed me by without a glance.

Unfortunately, the real janitors immediately took notice the minute I stepped into the closet for their daily meeting. It was obvious through the way they gripped their cleaning supplies that they were not happy.

Everywhere I went it was like the janitors were always a broom sweep away. I could have sworn that a caution sign was purposely removed from a wet floor while I was not looking.

What if I slipped and broke my back? The sabotage was real.

For the sake of my safety, this experiment had to be cut short.

Experiment number three: Slumber Party with Rachel

With little to no evidence to bust the myth, I went hard for my last experiment.

I stayed in the school for one night. I packed my pajamas, Hello Kitty flashlight and my Care Bear blanket and went off to bust a ghost.

After all, most paranormal action happens at night.

If you think school is a scary sight early in the morning, just imagine how bad it is at night. All of the lights are shut off and the only thing you can hear is the eerie, spine-tingling echo of footsteps in every hallway.

I am not naming any names, but this clearly points to a certain ghost that haunts a certain school.

Sometimes going by just your gut instinct is not the very best decision; to back up my suspicions I had to find some cold hard evidence. The first place I checked is the bathroom stalls.

From my experience of watching Harry Potter, Moaning Myrtle always hung out in the stalls. Walking through the entrance of the restroom, the mustard colored stains that embrace the walls hit me in the face.

I looked to my left and noticed a carved message on one of the stall doors. It is too hard to make out, as the only thing I can read were the words “was here.” From the corner of my eye I saw a dark figure move.

I pretended not to see anything and tried to angle myself in front of the mirror because I looked so cute that night.

Just kidding it was because I saw RACHEL!


Myth confirmed!


photo credit to maskofreason.wordpress.com

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