Coolest cafes for studying

By: Carson Allen and Aleah March

Sometimes lying in your bed or simply snacking on potato chips at home while doing homework is not very motivating. Getting out of an environment that you are way too comfortable in can take your mind out of its comfort zone and into new creative territory.

Check out some local Cafes to shake up your routine and keep your learning fresh and productive!




One of the coolest and most well known coffee shops in Springfield can also be one of your study spots. Wm. Van’s Coffee House, known for their fresh brewed coffee and pastries, has a quiet and cozy atmosphere that is welcoming to all.

Hours during the week and weekend are 7am-7pm.

Address: 503 S 7th St, Springfield, IL 62703

Custom Cup



If you’re into trying something new, a good coffee shop to go to is Custom Cup. Custom Cup, a microbrewery, uses fresh coffee beans, local ingredients, and new methods for making coffee. They also deliver.

Hours on the week is 7-1pm.

Hours on the weekend are from 8-1pm.

Address is 321 East Monroe Street, Springfield IL 62701

Caribou Cafe



Maybe it’s the perfectly distributed lighting, or the non-distracting music system, but something about Caribou Cafe seems to turn off thoughts from everyday life and turn on the determination to study hard. Caribou Cafe makes studying less of a chore and more of a treat! So stop making yourself do homework, and start choosing to enjoy your study experience!


3001 S Veterans Pkwy, 1025 Outer Park Dr, 210 E Carpenter St


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