Frisbee Club, SHS’s newest addition

By: Jacob Beaird and Jacob Parker

You may have recently heard rumors going around SHS about the newest club — Frisbee Club.

img_0133.jpg by Sean Sutyak, sponsored by Mrs. Slater and Mr. Crum and led by a cabinet of strapping senior boys (definitely not including Dylan Conley-Keck), this fledgling club is beginning to find its roots in our school community.

To truly understand the essence of Frisbee Club, you must first understand its rich history.

In order to properly do so, we must go back – all the way back to the glorious year 2011 when SHS alumni Tim Sutyak tried to start a Frisbee Club of his own. His heart was strong, but fate did not smile upon him.

Ever since, an aura of darkness has surrounded the Sutyak family… But alas!

Hope was not lost, for Tim’s younger brother Sean set out to finish what his brother had started. This year he did so successfully when he started SHS Frisbee Club.

Frisbee Club, in the words of Sean Sutyak himself, is a “community of SHS frisbee lovers playing frisbee.”

This community meets at Rotary Park on Thursdays at 4:00 to engage in their favorite sport. New recruits are encouraged to come and join in the frisbee fun, as long as they meet all the Frisbee Club requirements – be able to breathe, have at least one hand (legs not required), take frisbee seriously, and be dedicated and loyal to the club. If you are thinking about joining, implement these frisbee conditioning tips from Frisbee Club players – do cardio, run a bit, and/or bike.

Despite being the youngest club in SHS, Frisbee Club has lofty ambitions. Sutyak’s goal for the club is to one day compete in the State Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in Chicago, although the focus of his club always remains the same – to have fun.

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