Volunteering matters

National Honor Society (NHS) is a program that pushes students to become more involved in the local community. NHS is composed of like minded people who want to make the world better by helping their community. To those thinking about joining NHS, start volunteering early, so you are not rushing to complete all the hours necessary to join.

Even if you do not want to join NHS, volunteering allows you to meet new people and gain amazing experiences.

Memorial Medical Center, The Matthew Project, YMCA, the Illinois State Museum and the Springfield Art Association provide excellent volunteering opportunities for students around the Springfield area.


Memorial Medical Center: The Memorial Medical Center is a hospital located at 701 North 1st Street. Anyone can volunteer and participate in hospital-sponsored activities. Their vision is to improve the health of the people and the community. Volunteers can assist with desk work, provide information, assistance and support to visitors and patients, staff waiting rooms, provide support to patients in the Infusion Unit and assist with floral deliveries. For more information contact the volunteer services coordinator call 217-788-4600, or go to their website.


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Mathew Project: The Matthew Project is a nonprofit after school organization that strives to help children. Their mission is to provide clothing, food, tutoring and mentoring for homeless children and their families. The kids there are wonderful, and every volunteer works hard to help the children and their families. The Matthew Project program is located at 622 South 8th Street. To contact this organization send an email to info@matthew-project.com or visit their website.

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YMCA: The YMCA is a fitness center open to anyone, anywhere that wants to lend a helping hand for youth development, healthy living, and/or social responsibility. Volunteers strive to give those in need all the resources required in order to live a positive, healthy and fulfilling life. There are two locations for the YMCA, 701 South 4th Street and 4550 West Iles Avenue. To contact the facility call 217-544-9846 (downtown) or 217-679-1625 (West Iles avenue) or visit their website.

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Springfield Art Association: The Springfield Art Association is a great place to volunteer for first timers. They always have fun and exciting activities planned that need volunteer help. The Association’s goal is to bring art education, events and historic preservation to people all over Illinois. To contact the SSA call 217-523-2631 or visit their website. The SSA main campus is located at 700 North 4th Street and the SSA Collective is located at 420 South 6th Street.


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