UNC Linebacker Allen Artis Faces Charges of Sexual Assault

By: Amaginese Oneal and Emma Batterman


On Valentines Day of 2016, a University of North Carolina linebacker, 21 year old Allen Artis, had allegedly raped fellow then 18 year old student Delaney Robinson on campus.

Robinson admits she was drinking and she was underage, yet states that does not give the right for anyone to sexually assault her. Artis had turned himself in this morning upon the release of the case to the public.

On Sept. 13 Tuesday night, Robinson, now 19, released these allegations to the media, claiming UNC had been “demeaning and accusatory” towards her. She claims that she felt like a victim rather than a suspect.

“Did I lead him on? Have I hooked up with him before? Do I often have one-night stands? Did I even say no? What is my sexual history? How many men have I slept with? I was treated like a suspect,” she said.

“The questions that she was asked (were) very similar to what the victim in the Stanford case said in her victim impact statement,” said Andrea Pino, writer of the book We Believe You, Survivors of Sexual Assault Speak Out. “I think it shows the bigger problem we have with the criminal just system not taking rape very seriously.”

The university’s department of public safety had closed the case earlier this June. Robinson accuses the University of treating the case as something less than important. “The university failed either by being uninformed or by completely disregarding the new Title IX guidelines that they so publicly pronounced being put in place,” said Robinson’s attorney Denise Branch.


Photos were released of Robinsons neck, apparently taken after she went to the hospital, show multiple bruises and discoloration. The medical examiner that had investigated her injuries stated, “blunt force trauma to my client’s genital area” was present.

Her claims of what happened checked out, but the investigation is still underway.

Despite the fact it was supposed to be a felony investigation, Artis was only accounted for misdemeanor charges and a $5,000 bail. Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall told CNN that within his 27 years of being in office he had never seen “a court draw misdemeanor warrants while a felony investigation is under way”. He claims that physical contact was unquestionable, yet the circumstances surrounding it was what they were trying to find out.

As for Artis, he is currently suspended from the team. UNC states that any player facing misdemeanor charges is automatically suspended from the team. That person may be reinstated if approved by the coach and athletic director.

So far, the UNC coach, Larry Fedora, has decided not to comment on the allegations.

photo credit to yahoo.com

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