What’s the deal with crystals?

Everywhere we look, crystals seem to be apart of people’s everyday lives. People use crystals as accessories and decor for home and these beautiful rocks that come from the earth are sold in various trendy stores.

Crystal necklaces are becoming popular, but the BIG question is whether the stores and individuals that wear and sell these items know what crystals symbolize and the true reason as to why they are used.


photo credit to Etsy

If you are someone who does not know the true meaning of crystals, the best way to educate yourself is to read and seek experience.

With the variety and the abundance of crystals, it can sometimes be overwhelming, as a beginner, to figure out how you go about picking crystals and finding the true meaning of those crystals. There are so many books that can be purchased and internet sources that anyone can read, that sometimes researching can be a painful journey, when it is suppose to be an educational and exciting one!

To make that journey easier and more enjoyable, I would recommend The Messy Heads’ Guide to Crystals.

Guide to Crystals can be purchased for $2.50 and downloaded as a PDF on your phone, laptop, iPad or tablet. This beginners guide is 25 pages long and discusses the why, what and how of crystals. It also goes into the daily use and benefits of crystals and how you personally should pick out crystals for yourself.

As I sat down to read Guide to Crystals, I myself was a beginner to the exciting world of  crystals. I wondered how they were used and wanted to know how these rocks could make a difference in my life.

While reading, I highlighted 5 main points that I felt were important:

  1. Aligning the crystals on your body to match the Chakras
  2. “Everything on earth vibrates on different frequencies.”
  3. Crystal healing is an art not a science
  4. You are drawn to certain crystals while shopping
  5. You must clean and charge your crystals

Guide to Crystals by The Messy Heads, goes more in depth on those facts and also expand on other tips that will educate.

With beautiful pictures and art, amazing page setup and a simple read, Guide to Crystals, is the best beginners “guide to” start your crystal journey.

To get inspiration or to buy this PDF  visit The Messy Heads website.

After reading The Messy Head’s Guide to Crystals, I decided to do my own soul searching in the crystal world.

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 12.19.19 PM.png

I stopped by my local metaphysical shop, Visions by JDR, to see if after reading this guide I would be more comfortable with crystals. In Guide to Crystals, The Messy Heads suggested crystals for people’s different zodiac signs and for different purposes. It was also suggested that in order to choose crystals, you should let them draw you in.

During my visit to the metaphysical shop, I let go and tried this method, allowing the energy from the different crystals to pull me in like a tidal wave on a stormy night.

Crystals are for everyone! If you are open to the idea of crystals then they will be open with you.

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 12.19.34 PM.png

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