Television takes a strange turn with Netflix original Stranger Things

By: Olivia Santos

Netflix is a worldwide phenomenon. Whether it’s nature documentaries, “chick flicks”, or drama-filled sitcoms, there’s something for everyone.

As of July 2016, Netflix has introduced one more iconic, binge-worthy series: Stranger Things.

I like to think of Stranger Things as a real world Dungeons and Dragons on steroids, except scarier and (slightly) less dorky. With evil monsters, supernatural powers and heart-pounding action, this story follows the adventure of three boys as they search for their missing best friend, Will Byers. Mike, Dusty and Lucas live through countless life-threatening, paranormal experiences, but Will is nowhere to be found. And to make matters worse, other people begin disappearing under mysterious circumstances as well.

Enter Eleven, the local telekinetic. For those of you who are confused, let me briefly explain: she controls objects with her mind. How cool is that?! Being telekinetic could let me be as lazy as I truly am, which surely would come in handy, although Eleven doesn’t appreciate her power as much as you or I would. Because of her powers, she barely survived abuse, isolation and manipulation by the government, living as nothing but a human experiment. Basically her life sucked, so I think you can imagine why she has some resentment towards her powers. Fortunately, she is able to escape, only to befriend our heroic trio in their search for Will. Eleven’s help is the turning point in their hunt, and I think I speak for many fans when I say that all in all, she’s a pretty badass eleven year old. But even with her powers, Mike, Dusty and Lucas need all the help they can get. Will’s mother Joyce and brother Jonathan being the search in their own way, with assistance from local police chief Jim Hopper, and Nancy, Mike’s sister. 1980’s Indiana is turned upside down, and Stranger Things presents a story that viewers can immediately fall in love with. Whether it’s Jonathan’s quirkiness, Winona Ryder’s award-winning acting as the desperate, but determined mother, or of course, Eleven’s loyal, waffle-loving self.

Directors Matt and Ross Duffer are thrilled with Stranger Things’ overwhelming success, and Ross especially is impressed, exclaiming, “to see [Stranger Things] in such a way in the world, it has really been incredible.” It sure has! The success is obvious, and from July 17th to the 23rd, Stranger Things was named the most popular digital original series in the U.S., according to Parrot Analytics. It’s even more popular than Orange Is The New Black or BoJack Horseman, two fan-favorites who have recently released new seasons to Netflix as well.

Even with the show’s July 15th release, there has already been talk of a second season! An announcement of the season’s release came Aug. and is said to be set for 2017. A trailer released with the announcement features many teasers for what is to come. Directors Ross and Matt have even mentioned the introduction of new characters, and that season two will be more than, “just a rehash of season one. We’re coming back with a few new characters, expanding storylines and mythologies,” and “want a sequel that feels like it’s bigger and badder and darker.” With these new developments and many unanswered questions of mine and many others, this new season feels as if it couldn’t be farther away. What happened to Eleven? Who are these new characters? AND WHAT ABOUT BARB????

The answers to these questions and more may surface over time, but The Senator will continue to keep you updated on any big news regarding Stranger Things. Until then, happy binge-watching!

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